About Us / Our Mission

Forward thinking, independent African Media is crucial in shaping Africa's development and economic future, while promoting the change of outmoded attitudes and views of Africa and African people.

helloAFRICA.org, helloAFRICA Newspaper, and helloAFRICA TV are forums for exchange of ideas and information while encouraging independent thinking, diversity of opinions, and open discussions at the local, national and international levels.

helloAFRICA Media believes that Africans (both continental and diasporan) must recognize the importance of their own initiatives and have confidence in their own ideas, while simultaneously reinforcing the belief that our diversity is our strength and blessing.

In a nutshell, helloAFRICA Media can effectively explode myths as well as provide tools for change, opportunities for access to information, and find the solutions and resources necessary for all of us to live a respectful, peaceful and healthy quality of life.